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How Can I Help You?



What I will do for you is ensure that when the final period in the final sentence is placed,  your writing will be grammatical and typo-free. For every single sentence and every paragraph, commas, semi-colons, em-dashes, and periods will be all in the right places and used correctly. I’ll make sure that active voice instead of passive voice is used whenever possible. That there’s consistent verb tenses, that fonts, chapter headings and call-outs have the same consistent style. And that your writing is typo-free.

Additionally, I’ll check for transitions from paragraph to paragraph, chapter to chapter, thought to thought. I’ll point out wordiness, jargon, and ensure the style fits the publication or organizations.   

line editor





My job as your line editor is to focus on the way you use language to communicate your story – is it clear, fluid, and fun to read? I want to make sure that you’ve conveyed atmosphere and emotion, using precise words that fit your purpose. I’m going to point out run-on sentences, repetitions, and confusing language or transitions and make suggestions on how to rewrite to improve – aware of your voice and tone. I’ll always check for consistency throughout in people, places, and product descriptions; in verb tenses; and in font styles.

My mission is to ensure that your work is the absolute best it can be.

First and foremost, I will verify the factual correctness of information, such as dates and statistics. I’ll double check place, people, and product names, no matter if the story is fictional, non-fictional, or a marketing or advertising vehicle. When fact checking “how-to” content, I’ll verify that the instructions are accurate and can be followed the way they’re written.  

fact checker

I have excellent verbal and written skills. I'm tough, and diplomatic. Blunt, and tactful. I'm a stickler for detail, and like a messy desk. I hold strong beliefs, and respect those of others. But most of all, if grammar is involved, I am all in to make sure it is correct. Could your work use my help?

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